A 3 Month Comprehensive Plan for Releasing New Music

Breaking Creatives Agency Comprehensive Plan for Releasing New Music

At Breaking Creatives, we often receive inquiries from individuals uncertain about their optimal timeline for releasing new music. While artists like Beyoncé can drop albums overnight and capture the world’s attention, most artists benefit from establishing a well-structured plan to ensure their success. Each of our clients’ projects receive the exceptional attention they deserve, but in this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline key steps for a successful music release strategy that anyone can benefit from.

3 Months Before Music Release

Legal and Copyrights

Ensure your legal matters are in order. Register your copyrights with organizations like SoundExchange, CD Baby, ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI. These organizations collect and distribute royalties for your original music.

PR & Marketing Plans

Three months before your project release, consider hiring a publicist. This lead time allows them to craft press materials, create a list of media targets, and network on your behalf while meeting journalist deadlines for album reviews and features timed to your release. Ensure you have finalized album artwork and press photos for them to use. You’ll also need finished music available for the journalists to listen to.

Choose the Right Publicist

When selecting a publicist, seek one who asks questions and presents unique ideas tailored to you. Although they can’t guarantee coverage, their passion and dedication should be evident and there should be clear communication as to what they are working on. Additionally, confirm that they don’t represent similar artists with active campaigns to avoid internal competition.

2 Months Before Music Release

Release a Single and Video

Around two months before your album or EP release, drop a single and a corresponding video. This generates excitement and anticipation among your fans. Your publicist should also do another round of pitches about this single and video. During this time your publicist is locking in coverage but more details and pitches can help secure any last minute coverage.

Optimize Your Social Media

Ensure your YouTube page and other social media profiles are optimized for maximum visibility. Breaking Creatives Agency offers digital marketing campaigns and consultation services to help you analyze data and optimize your online presence.

1 Month Before Music Release

Prepare Your Online Presence

Set up a calendar countdown on your social media pages and website. Ensure that your new video, single, and artwork are all up to date. 

Implement Newsletter Signup

Set up a newsletter signup option on your website to keep new fans informed about upcoming events like live shows,  new merchandise and album release parties.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Ramp up your social media activity to stay fresh in the minds of your fans. Use Instagram Stories, schedule live sessions, engage with comments, promote dance trends, and more. Our digital marketing team can provide creative ideas and strategies to help you stand out and generate your own buzz.

Week of Album Release

Share Press Coverage

Promote any press coverage you’ve received on your social media platforms, allowing fans to join in the anticipation. Highlight upcoming press opportunities, including TV and radio appearances, podcasts, and more so fans will tune in. 

After the Album Release Date

Maintain the excitement on your social media platforms by regularly updating your fans about sales milestones and other accomplishments, while expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. It’s also the perfect opportunity to unveil upcoming live shows or tours. Collaborate closely with your publicist to ensure press coverage in the cities you’ll be visiting.

If a tour isn’t on the horizon for your career at the moment, consider planning live streaming events as an alternative. This way, you can bring your performance directly to your dedicated fan base.

In this blog post, we’ve shared a general timeline for releasing new music cultivated from our wealth of experience. We’re passionate about helping artists like you navigate the complex landscape of the music industry and achieve your goals.

Together, we can create a roadmap to elevate your music career to new heights. Contact us now and buckle up!