The Pitfalls of Purchasing Subscribers and Followers: A Cautionary Tale

Young female influencer using her smart phone for filming a vlog post.

As a creative navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the allure of rapid growth through purchased subscribers and followers may be tempting especially knowing that publicists, brand executives and the press look at these stats as social proof of your marketability. Before you consider taking this shortcut, it’s essential to understand the dangers and consequences of such a decision. In this blog post, we’ll shed light on why buying subscribers and followers is a perilous path for digital creatives, and how it can negatively impact your online presence.

Empty Numbers, Hollow Engagement

Fake vs. Genuine Engagement

Purchased followers are often inactive or bots, resulting in a lack of genuine engagement on your content.

Real engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, is a crucial metric for algorithmic favorability on social platforms.

Damages Credibility and Trust

Erodes Trustworthiness

When potential fans and collaborators discover a disproportionate number of followers to engagement, it raises suspicion.

Trust and credibility are vital in the digital creative industry, and fake followers can tarnish your reputation.

Algorithmic Penalty

Social media algorithms favor content that resonates with real audiences.

Fake followers can lead to reduced reach and visibility for your posts, defeating the purpose of growing your presence. Algorithms are also always evolving, so never trust anyone who says they have figured out how to skirt these issues and buy you followers.

Artificially boosting streams on platforms like Spotify can also trigger these algorithms to view your content as spammy or inauthentic, which can lead to your posts being deprioritized.

Wasted Resources

Financial Implications

Purchasing followers can be costly, diverting funds away from legitimate promotional efforts like building industry connections and securing press coverage with the help of a professional publicist. 

Time and Effort

 Building a genuine following takes time and effort, but it’s a long-term investment in your career.

Purchased followers offer no real value in terms of engagement or loyalty and they can easily drop off as quickly as you got them.

Risk of Account Suspension

Platform Policies

Many social media platforms explicitly prohibit the use of fake followers or engagement.

Violating these policies can lead to the suspension or removal of your account.

Negative Impact on Analytics

Inaccurate Data

Fake followers skew your analytics, making it difficult to assess your actual audience demographics and behaviors.

Accurate data is essential for making informed decisions about your content and promotion.

While the promise of quick social media growth may seem appealing, purchasing subscribers and followers is a perilous path for influencers and other digital creatives. It leads to empty numbers, erodes credibility, and risks account suspension while offering no long term engagement or value.

Instead of shortcuts, focus on organic growth strategies. Create meaningful, authentic content, engage with your audience, collaborate with others, and use targeted advertising. Building a real and engaged fan base takes time, but it’s a sustainable and rewarding approach that will serve your music career in the long run.

Remember, the journey to success is built on authenticity, and genuine connections with your audience. Stay true to your craft, and your online presence will grow organically over time.

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