What does a PR campaign look like?

Your publicists will write a professional bio for the client to be used on their website and social media pages.

Our publicity agents will develop a communication plans and strategies to align with the client’s individual goals. We will ask the client for their top 5 media outlets that they would like to be featured in and will generate an extensive custom list of additional media outlets that the publicist feels will suit the client. This list will include outlets from podcasts to print, freelancers to newsletter writers etc all depending on the particular needs of the client.

The publicist will write press releases based on the communication plan (ie: vlogger video roll out, new song launch, comedian video reaching xxk views etc) and after client approval, we will send out these press releases to journalists via a hyper targeted media list.

The publicist will follow up with target media outlets to secure editorial coverage. We will schedule interviews/coordinate coverage as needed.

The publicist will provide detailed reports to the client on a bi-monthly basis detailing confirmed media coverage, the value of this coverage and analytics of your media outreach.

We will work alongside any marketing to craft key messages and ensure consistency in messaging across different channels.