Is A PR Stunt A Good Idea?

Breaking Creatives Agency- Is A Pr Stunt a Good Idea

With so many creatives fighting for media attention,  the lure of resorting to a PR stunt can be tempting. But is it a worthwhile endeavor for your brand?

At last night’s Emmys, a mysterious green goblin made her way down the red carpet at TV’s biggest award show puzzling viewers and the media in attendance. 

The goblin was later revealed to be reality TV star Princess Poppy of ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’  “I wanted to do the exact opposite of what is expected of you when you go to an event like this. I wanted to take decorum and turn it on its head,” Poppy told Entertainment Weekly. She went on to say, “I wanted to be so shocking that you just have to turn and look at me — in the worst way possible.” 

The story was picked up by numerous publications including the LA Times, People, The Daily Mail and so many more. So, mission accomplished right? While the incident will go down in infamy, it’s yet to be seen what Princess Poppy will get out of it long term, or if she’ll ever be invited to the Emmys again.

Let’s delve more into the topic of PR stunts and explore the pros and cons to help you determine whether they are a worthwhile endeavor for you.

The Power of PR Stunts

 1. Immediate Attention

One undeniable benefit of a well-executed PR stunt is its ability to generate immediate attention. In a world saturated with advertisements and content, PR stunts can break through the noise and capture the public’s imagination. They can create buzz, spark conversations, and draw eyes to your brand in a way that traditional advertising often struggles to achieve.

2. Memorable Branding

PR stunts have the potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience. When done right, they can embed your brand in the minds of consumers. People tend to remember unique and unexpected experiences, and a successful PR stunt can make your brand synonymous with creativity and innovation.

One good example of this is Virgin Airlines and its founder Richard Branson. Because every business announcement comes with some crazy photo opp from its founder, the Virgin Airlines brand is synonymous with being edgy, cool, and an outlier.

3. Viral Potential

In the age of social media, a well-executed PR stunt can go viral in a matter of hours or even minutes. When people share and discuss your stunt on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, your brand can reach a much wider audience than traditional advertising methods might allow.

The Risks of PR Stunts

1. Backlash

Not all attention is good attention. PR stunts can backfire spectacularly if they are seen as insensitive, offensive, or in poor taste. Brands and creatives must tread carefully and consider the potential for public backlash. Negative publicity can be damaging and difficult to recover from.

2. Short-lived Impact

While PR stunts can generate immediate buzz, their impact may be short-lived. They may provide a momentary spike in visibility, but sustaining long-term attention and actually have that attention translate into sales or subscribers takes  more than just a one-time spectacle.

PR Stunts can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, but they come with risks. Before embarking on a PR stunt, carefully evaluate your brand, audience,, and objectives. When it comes to a PR Stunt, consider it carefully and consult with your team. 

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