Tour Press

Tour press outreach is the process of reaching out to various local media outlets and journalists to promote and publicize an upcoming tour by a musical artist, band, or any performer who is embarking on a series of live performances or shows in different locations.

Tour press is hyper focused media coverage in each location the tour visits.

The primary activities in tour press include:

  1. Press Releases: Crafting and distributing press releases to local media in each tour stop, announcing the event and providing key details.
  2. Media Outreach: Contacting local radio stations, newspapers, TV stations, and digital platforms to secure interviews, features, or event listings.
  3. Review Management: Inviting local critics or influencers to the event for reviews or social media coverage.

Tour press is an important part of public relations because it directly contributes to the success of the tour. Effective tour press can increase ticket sales, enhance the visibility of the artist or event, and build anticipation and excitement in each location. It ensures that people are not only aware of the tour but also motivated to attend. Furthermore, successful tour press can help in building the artist’s or event’s brand, expanding their fan base, and establishing connections with local media that can be beneficial for future endeavors.

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