Traditional and Digital Media Pitching & Placement

During our exploratory meetings and campaign proposals, we will work with you to identify target outlets that are relevant to your message and audience.

Traditional media and digital media are two distinct types of platforms. Each has unique characteristics and serves different purposes in the media landscape.

Traditional Media refers to conventional forms of mass communication that have been around for decades, including television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Although the world has moved more to online consumption, these traditional forms of media still have prestige and a large audience reach.

Digital Media encompasses all content delivered through digital channels, like websites, blogs, newsletters, and podcasts. It allows for on-demand, interactive, and often personalized content consumption.

Digital media can reach both broad and highly targeted audiences, leveraging data for precision targeting. There is significant potential for direct interaction, engagement, and feedback from the audience.

We at BCA have an extensive database of both digital and traditional media contacts. We will strategize how and when to pursue coverage for you in these areas.

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