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Imagine an agency that functions as your strategic partner: one that collaborates with you, formulates strategies, executes plans, and captures attention on your behalf.

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Do you want to stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape?

Breaking Creatives is a bespoke Public Relations agency whose mission is to craft stories that transcend screens, stages, and soundscapes, turning moments into movements and artists into legends.

Breaking Creatives collaborates with artists and creatives spanning a wide spectrum of entertainment niches. We firmly believe in fostering unique talent and positioning them for success.

Traditional and Digital Media Pitching & Placement

During our exploratory meetings and campaign proposals, we will work with you to identify target outlets that are relevant to your message and audience.
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Music Promotion

You've got the talent, the passion, and the dream. What you need now is a strategy that can take your music from your garage to the Grammy stage. That's where we come in.
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Bio and Press Release Writing

A bio and press release are strategic components of marketing and personal branding. We will work with you to create unique and compelling materials that not only inform but also engage your audience and the media.

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Interview Scheduling

A journalist confirms they are interested in coverage and wants to interview you! We are here for you every step of the way. We will provide any needed materials to support your story including the bio and photos. We will make sure you are prepared before the interview, coordinate and schedule the interview, and follow up on your successful press coverage.
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Tour Press

Hit the road with media buzz that amplifies your tour's success. Specializing in entertainers, our Tour Press services deliver strategic media coverage that builds anticipation and sells tickets. Whether you're a musician, comedian, influencer, or actor, we'll make sure your tour is the talk of the town—and beyond.    
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Media Training

We want to equip creative professionals with essential skills and knowledge to effectively interact with the media, communicate their ideas, and enhance their public image.    
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you help raise my profile?

    Raising your profile is our expertise, and we consider it a mutual journey toward success. We specialize in securing valuable media attention that aligns perfectly with your brand's objectives.

    Our approach is highly collaborative, as we work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals. Armed with this insight, we craft bespoke campaigns that synergize multiple strategies—ranging from targeted press outreach and influential SEO tactics to strategic advertising placements.

    This comprehensive, multi-faceted approach ensures that your brand not only captures but also sustains the attention of your desired audience. In essence, your success is our success, and we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

    How much does a campaign cost?

    At Breaking Creatives Agency, we understand that every client has unique needs and budgets. That's why our approach to PR and digital marketing is tailored specifically for you, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

    Our services start at an accessible $500, offering you expert guidance and strategic planning. For those looking for a comprehensive press package, our offerings extend up to $2,000, encompassing a wide range of high-impact solutions designed to elevate your brand and message.

    We believe in providing exactly what you need, without unnecessary upselling, to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

    What does a PR campaign look like?

    Your publicists will write a professional bio for the client to be used on their website and social media pages.

    Our publicity agents will develop a communication plans and strategies to align with the client's individual goals. We will ask the client for their top 5 media outlets that they would like to be featured in and will generate an extensive custom list of additional media outlets that the publicist feels will suit the client. This list will include outlets from podcasts to print, freelancers to newsletter writers etc all depending on the particular needs of the client.

    The publicist will write press releases based on the communication plan (ie: vlogger video roll out, new song launch, comedian video reaching xxk views etc) and after client approval, we will send out these press releases to journalists via a hyper targeted media list.

    The publicist will follow up with target media outlets to secure editorial coverage. We will schedule interviews/coordinate coverage as needed.

    The publicist will provide detailed reports to the client on a bi-monthly basis detailing confirmed media coverage, the value of this coverage and analytics of your media outreach.

    We will work alongside any marketing to craft key messages and ensure consistency in messaging across different channels.

    What is Public Relations?

    Public Relations is the strategic management of communication between the client and the public, media and customers.

    The primary goal is to build and nurture relationships with journalists, editors, and media outlets to secure positive media coverage including features, interviews, reviews, and profiles in print, online publications, or broadcast media.

    Our publicists have over 10 year-experience generating meaningful PR campaigns that increase brand awareness, organic rankings, sales, social following and engagement.

    TL;DR - Publicity acts as a catalyst, elevating your profile and establishing an aura of prominence.

    Why hire a Publicist?

    1. Expertise and Skill Set: Publicists are experts in their field, and they understand the nuances of media relations and publicity better than anyone else.

    2. Time Savings: Managing media relationships, writing press releases, and networking take a lot of time. A publicist can handle all of this for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or career.

    3. Connections: A seasoned publicist comes with a strong network of media contacts that can be leveraged to get you coverage in high-profile publications or interviews on popular platforms.

    4. Brand Consistency: Publicists can help craft a unified message and image, ensuring that all public-facing material is consistent and on-brand.

    5. Strategic Guidance: Beyond simply getting you media coverage, a publicist can help you navigate your industry's landscape, advising on what opportunities to pursue or avoid.

    6. Crisis Management: When things go awry, a publicist can act swiftly to manage your reputation, conducting damage control and ensuring that the situation is handled as smoothly as possible.

    7. Increased Credibility: Appearances in reputable media outlets can build your credibility and authority in your field, making you more appealing to potential clients, customers, or employers.

    8. Global Reach: For those looking to expand their impact beyond their local or national scene, a publicist with international connections can be invaluable.

    9. Personalized Attention: Unlike generic PR services, a dedicated publicist offers personalized strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    10. Return on Investment: Though hiring a publicist requires a financial commitment, the long-term gains in terms of brand recognition, credibility, and opportunities can offer a substantial return.

    TL;DR - Hiring a publicist provides you with expert guidance, saves time, expands your reach, and boosts credibility, all for a potentially high ROI.

    Why is Public Relations important?

    PR plays a vital role in creatives navigating their competitive environments. It helps them showcase their talent, build a strong personal brand, and connect with the right audiences, ultimately enhancing their career prospects and success. 

    Public Relations Specialist assist in providing creatives with opportunities to network and establish connections within their industry. Positive media exposure helps expand the reach of the client’s work and builds credibility for their brand. 

    TL;DR - Our agents make connections and ensure fans know who you are so they actually listen, follow, like and subscribe to you.